ALERT® ERP goes live at Évora Hospital (Portugal)
13 July 2008
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The ALERT® ERP Facilities and Equipment Management solution went live at Espírito Santo Hospital in Évora (Portugal) on July 9. This Go-Live is part of a wider project in which ALERT® ERP is being implemented - the Fixed Asset Management and Physical Inventory solutions had already been implemented in March. 


This solution will initially allow the hospital Facilities and Equipment Services to: 

- describe facilities and equipment; 

- determine responsibilities and control answer time; 

- document intervention requests (replacing paper requests); 

- measure durability and keep track of maintenance deadlines; 

- document internal and external work orders, time, and material; 

- document reason for equipment failure; 

- order/return/transfer material. 


The Facilities and Equipment Services will be responsible for implementing, autonomously and in several stages, some of the remaining processes made available through the application, namely prevention shifts, preventive maintenance, diagnostic record, IRIS (International Repair Information System) coding, tool and borrowed material management. 


Some of the numbers involved in this project are: 

- Facilities and Equipment Services technical group - 6 people; 

- Facilities and Equipment Services technicians - 16 people for 8 areas; 

- around 12,500 equipment files with maintenance information associated to fixed assets; 

- around 1,000 technical installations (such as HVAC system, electrical system, etc.) referring to approximately 1,500 physical locations; 

- 20 to 30 daily average service orders/interventions. 


With the implementation of the ALERT® ERP Facilities and Equipment Management solution, it will be possible to optimize all hospital facility and equipment management, namely in terms of technical support and maintenance.

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