ALERT® EDIS went live at INCA's emergency services, Brazil
12 August 2013
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ALERT® EDIS (version went live at the Hospital do Câncer III (HC III) and at the Hospital do Câncer IV (HC IV) of the National Cancer Institute (INCA) on July 30, 2013.


The emergency services of HC III and HC IV are located in the same physical space and offer four examination rooms and one recovery room with seven beds. These units process an average of 20 patients per day and have the support of 50 professionals, among nurses, physicians and receptionists.


This was the first ALERT® module implemented at these two units. The professionals' receptivity has been very positive, having thus been concluded the implementation of ALERT® EDIS in INCA.


HC III plays a very important role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and actively participates in research and training programs developed by INCA. HC III provides free hospital and medical assistance, as well as diagnosis confirmation, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.


HC IV is INCA's palliative care unit, which is responsible for the active and full care of the Institute's patients with advanced terminal cancer.

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