ALERT® EDIS upgrade in Minas Gerais in Brazil
30 August 2012
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On July 10, 2012 ALERT® EDIS was upgraded to v2.5.2 at the healthcare facilities integrating the Minas Gerais Secretary of State for Health.

This upgrade from v2. to v2.5.2 involved 17 hospitals using ALERT® EDIS and 400 basic healthcare units working with ALERT® MANCHESTER. This upgrade allows those healthcare facilities to benefit from new ALERT® functionalities such as: simplified profile for the physician profile; Computerized Prescriber Order Entry module which allows physicians to order diets, medication, dressings, procedures, and other, in a single area. Also, there are clinical indicators for the ALERT® MANCHESTER ONLINE facilities which allow for the measurement of oximetry and temperature so as to minimize errors as data is automatically transferred from the indicators into the application.

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