ALERT celebrated its tenth anniversary during its 6th Annual Retreat
10 February 2010
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Alfândega Congress Center, in Porto, staged ALERT's 6th Annual Retreat, a tradition that was especially important this year as the company was celebrating its tenth anniversary.

The first three days of February were brimming with reflective, sharing and celebratory moments. Based on what has so far been achieved, future directions were traced, and these promised increasingly stimulating challenges.

Recently appointed ALERT's CEO, César Guimarães hosted this year's event, which gathered all employees from the parent company and its seven subsidiaries excepting Brazil whose employees followed the event by video conference.

Monday was dedicated to reflecting on ALERT's performance and on tracing the future. For the first time a guest speaker was invited; Tal Ben Shahar, an acclaimed Harvard lecturer, author and world expert on happiness, particularly on the impact of having a culture of wellbeing within organizations, gave an extensive talk to all ALERT collaborators.

The product was the focus of the second day, and Luís de Matos, the most well-known magician and entertainer in Portugal, ended this intense day’s work schedule with a delightful touch of magic.

Wednesday was dedicated to the spirit of the ALERT Team – a group that is steadily growing and already has over 800 employees worldwide.

At the end of that working day, cake was served and a celebratory champagne toast was made to a decade of work dedicated to changing healthcare worldwide.

GNR, a renowned Portuguese pop group, brightened up the social event that closed the retreat on Wednesday. ALERT danced to the music of Rui Reininho's (lead singer) charismatic band, which produced some of the most memorable Portuguese pop music during the last two decades.

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