New paradigm

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3-tier technology

ALERT® is developed in 3-tier technology: Flash in the user interface; Java in its middle layer; Oracle in its database.

Analysis of clinical and financial data

Through ALERT® DATA WAREHOUSE, analysis of clinical and financial data is now possible, and outcomes can be compared between different sites.

Different healthcare scenarios

Different healthcare scenarios: RHIO (Regional Healthcare Information Organizations), Hospital Group, Independent Hospital, Physician Group, Private Practice Network, Physician Office, Primary Care Center, Physical Therapy Center.
Different facility types: Hospital, Primary Care Center, Private Practice.
Different work environments: Outpatient Setting, Emergency Department, Inpatient Ward, Ambulatory Surgery, Surgery Room.
Different encounter types: Pregnant Woman, Child, Diabetic, etc.
Different specialties: Physical Therapy, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, etc.
Different languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese. And will soon be available in: Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Implementation consultants

ALERT provides an implementation consultancy service that will help with every step of the transition process from a paper-based to a paper-free environment. This service is called On-Site Training, and is largely provided by clinical psychologists who help to manage the complex processes involved in the removal of paper from clinical settings. Implementation consultants wear a uniform that distinguishes them from other healthcare professionals.

International directives

ALERT® follows international directives for interoperability and standardization in software development. In fact, ALERT® is a proud participant in the IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) initiative, and an active member of HL7. What is more, ALERT® is a proud participant in the Distributed Interoperability Showcase (RHIO scenario) and the New Directions (HITSP) Showcase at HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), of which ALERT is a Platinum Corporate Member. Moreover, ALERT® uses standard nomenclatures, such as SNOMED CT, ICD9, LOINC and ICNP.

Mobile technologies

ALERT® offers different ways to deliver and receive information from the clinicians like SMS, Beep and PDA notification of appointments, workflow actions and alerts.

Paper-free environments

ALERT® is an operational tool for all clinical environments and all healthcare workers. It is now being ever more enriched with content, and aims to provide healthcare workers with artificial intelligence tools in the near future.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Successfully delivering SaaS requires intuitive software that helps elevate user acceptance and overall customer service. With this in mind, ALERT® was developed on an SaaS model basis (model of software deployment over the internet). The goal was to produce easy to use, flexible and scalable software, and allow facilities to have good technological solutions without great investments in hardware and infrastructure.

Security and data privacy

ALERT® supports Role Based Access Control (RBAC) mechanisms to maximize and bring more effectiveness to the existing permission control rules defined per user profile and facility.

Templates and guidelines

In ALERT®, you will find templates for documenting any type of clinical encounter. You will be able to direct your questionnaire in function of your chief complaint, and you will also find suggested differential diagnoses, and guidelines and care plans that pertain to the chief complaint or diagnosis under consideration.
ALERT® also makes standard texts for data entry available in virtually all aspects of care documentation, such as discharge notes. In addition, each user can access ALERT®’s back office to introduce his/her own frequently used texts.
ALERT® includes guidelines which can be used to create tasks that are automatically activated in particular circumstances. Examples include guidelines for screening prostate or breast cancer, vaccination, etc.


ALERT® has intuitive features and functionalities that are unmatched in the marketplace. ALERT®'s work environment was designed for touchscreen monitors and minimal use of the keyboard. Nonetheless, it can also be used with a mouse and conventional PC monitors if so desired. ALERT® is characterized by a unique – and copyrighted – design that is customized to each user profile.

User profiles

Physician; Nurse; Ancillary personnel; Psychologist; Practice Manager; Information desk clerk; Laboratory technician; Imaging technician;  Manager;  Social Worker; Administrative Clerk, etc.


Underlying ALERT®’s solutions is a workflow concept that allows continuous endorsement of information to relevant users, and progressive information updating, as the status of each request, task or test is being updated in real time. As a result, ALERT® solutions fully support multi-disciplinary care by generating workflow and enabling multiple and simultaneous data entry for the same patient.