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MyALERT® - Personal Health Record

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MyALERT® Single License

MyALERT® allows you to create and manage your Personal Electronic Health Record, which is globally known as Personal Health Record (PHR).

A Personal Health Record allows you to record, monitor and share various aspects of your medical history.

MyALERT® aims at making your clinical encounters more objective and efficient by providing access to your clinical details anywhere - at home, at the physician practice or when travelling.

Since you can schedule e-mail alerts on MyALERT®, you will never forget your appointments or medication again.

MyALERT® includes tools that will help you monitor aspects related to your health and quality of life. You will be able to organize all information on your eating habits, physical exercise, hours of sleep, drinking and smoking.

MyALERT® can give you suggestions on actions to take to correct habits that may be harmful to you, and it can provide you with support during that process.

MyALERT®  Family Pack

MyALERT® enables citizens to organize and manage their own health records and the records of those under their care in an integrated manner and in a single application (up to 5 users). 

With MyALERT®, all relevant past and current family information is available to physicians to whom the citizen has given access permissions. By maintaining a comprehensive health record that is always up-to-date and easily accessible, citizens will be more involved in issues pertaining to their own health and to the health of their loved ones.

MyALERT®'s Family Pack allows for the documentation of problems, allergies, lab test results, medication, immunization and percentiles.

The application also includes tools that enable users to start health programs such as smoking cessation and weight control, as well as complete monitoring and risk assessments.

MyALERT® is compatible with other ALERT® products and clinical software in order to make information sharing between citizens and healthcare professionals easier.

What is MyALERT® Desktop?

MyALERT® Desktop is an application that you can install in your computer and which will enable you to use some of the Web service features without having to use a browser.


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Frequently asked questions

MyALERT® Product

MyALERT® is an online service that allows you to create your Personal Electronic Health Record. MyALERT® allows you to record, manage and monitor your medical history and the history of those in your care.

MyALERT® is particularly suitable for people who think it important to manage or organize their medical history and their family's history.

MyALERT® is an online service. You only need a computer with a browser and internet access.

MyALERT® allows you to keep your current and past health information in a single location. By keeping a comprehensive health record that is always up-to-date and easily accessible, you will be more involved in your health issues.

To get help, before or after your subscription, e-mail us on

MyALERT®'s Terms and Conditions can be found here.

MyALERT® is available in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Dutch.

Subscription process

To subscribe to MyALERT, click here. Fill in your personal details, select your payment option and complete the subscription process.

MyALERT® subscription costs €20 a year.

Payment can be made by credit card.

Your MyALERT® subscription lasts for a year, which is calculated from the moment when the service is activated.

ALERT will activate the service after receiving confirmation of your payment. You will receive an e-mail informing you that your subscription is active and the service is ready to be used. 

No, you must renew your subscription. However, you will receive alerts regarding service renewal.