Course Introduction to ALERT®

Introduction to ALERT® v2.6
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Acquire all theory and practical knowledge underlining the main concepts and functionalities of ALERT® v2.6.clinical software.
Course reference: AeCI95
Type: Tutorial
Duration: 4h
Available since: 31 August 2011
Price: € 25
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The Introduction to ALERT® v2.6 course provides an interactive learning experience that will enable all ALERT® v2.6 users to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the software main concepts and techniques.


Learning outcomes
At the end of this course the trainee should be able to:
- Describe the core architecture and dynamics of ALERT® v2.6 clinical software.
- Perform his/her professional tasks in an efficient manner by using ALERT® v.2.6 clinical software main functionalities.


Target audience
All professionals that work with ALERT® v2.6 clinical software.


Course details
- Use of active and demonstrative methods by using multimedia presentations and the study of practical cases
- The total estimated duration is of around 4h
- During and after the courses, the trainee will have access to a virtual content library that has content related with previously taken courses
- At the end of the course a training certificate will be made available in the performance area if the trainee has completed 80% of the course, has done the suggested tasks and has attained a pass in the final evaluation


- Computer with internet access (broadband preferred), internet explorer browser (version 7 or above) or Mozilla Firefox (version 3.5 or above)
- Computer Intel Pentium 4 2.33GHz with 1GB memory and screen resolution of 1280x1024 or above (preferred)
- Adobe Flash Player 9 or above
- E-mail account
- Acceptance of the terms and conditions of use
- IT knowledge


Course Content
- Introduction
- Getting Started
- Understanding ALERT® dynamics
- Learning more about ALERT® concepts
- Customizing personal configurations
- What did I learn about ALERT®?

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