Market: United Kingdom | Languages: English | Profile: Physician
An interactive learning experience about the concepts and most important functionalities of ALERT® OUTPATIENT v2.6.3 for doctors.
Course reference: AeCI20
Type: Tutorial
Duration: 4h
Available since: 31 August 2011
Price: € 100
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The ALERT® OUTPATIENT v2.6 course provides the user with an interactive learning environment which doctors in the Outpatient Department can use to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about the concepts and most important functionalities of the clinical software.


Learning outcomes
At the end of this course the trainee should be able to:
- Identify the context and workflow of ALERT® OUTPATIENT v2.6
- Be acquainted with the main functionalities available in each application area
- Be able to use the appropriate functionalities to document clinical information
- Perform his/her professional tasks in an efficient manner by using ALERT® v2.6 clinical software’s main functionalities


Target audience
Doctors who work in the Outpatient Department
Course details
- Use of active and demonstrative methods by using multimedia presentations and the study of practical cases
- The total estimated duration is of around 4h
- During and after the courses, the trainee will have access to a virtual content library that has content related with previously taken courses
- At the end of the course a training certificate will be made available in the performance area if the trainee has completed 80% of the course, has done the suggested tasks and has attained a pass in the final evaluation


- Computer with internet access (broadband preferred), internet explorer browser (version 7 or above) or Mozilla Firefox (version 3.5 or above)
- Computer Intel Pentium 4 2.33GHz with 1GB memory and screen resolution of 1280x1024 or above (preferred)
- Adobe Flash Player 9 or above
- E-mail account
- Acceptance of the terms and conditions of use
- IT knowledge


Course Content
1. Course introduction
2. What do I know about ALERT®?
3. Using ALERT® in a real case scenario
3.1. Documenting Subjective information
3.2. Entering Objective information
3.3. Assessing patient's condition
3.4. Planning the intervention
3.5. Accessing results
3.6. Assigning the final diagnosis
3.7. Ending the visit
4. What did I learnt about ALERT®?
5. Your opinion about the course

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